I’ve spent my life creating creatures and scenes and trying to bring them from my realm of imagination into the physical world we all cohabit. I found the art of tattooing early in life and have had a passion for it ever since I got my very first one at 18 years old. Not long after, I was apprenticing in a small shop in South Florida where I learned the basics of the craft and how to make an image that fit the client and flowed with both their bodies and personality. I collaborated with the artist to create my first tattoo, so I know the importance of having a unique design, even if it is a classic theme. I have tattooed in NYC since 2005 and enjoy tattooing a broad range of subjects from bright floral, to dark skulls, watercolor style and lettering. However; I am very versatile and always enjoy the challenge a new project brings. I always see it as an opportunity for me to keep growing and developing my artistic vocabulary. When not at home making art, I can be found in New York City sketching on long train rides to kill time bound for Studio 28 Tattoos, where I work full time.

Custom work takes time to prepare so contact me as soon as possible with your ideas to get a unique and well planned out tattoo.

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