10 things you should know before your first tattoo.

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First time tattooing! Very exciting, right? However, sometimes we get overwhelmed by this excitement and get our first tattoo without researching about these 10 points, and as an effect, we encounter many skin problems and `other issues after tattooing. Today, Black Hive is going to give you 10 MAJOR TIPS OR ADVICE which you must check before your first tattoo.

  • Try to avoid sunlight:

Sun’s ultraviolet rays can damage your tattoo. Tattoo ink is made up of pigments and it can easily fade when you expose your tattoo too much. In the first 1-2 weeks tattoo heals and, in that time, try to cover your tattoo as much as possible. Most importantly avoid going to beaches.

  • Choose your design carefully:

On the Internet, you can find tones of tattoo designs where you can choose your first tattoo. However, before choosing, research for that design first. One tattoo has more than one meaning. Also, when you consider doing a colored tattoo, choose a color that suits your skin tone. Look over Pinterest and other design sites where you can find your chosen tattoo with other variations.

  • Check the spelling :

If you are going to get something written on your tattoo, you don’t want to find out later on that it hasn’t been spelled correctly! Never do this mistake. Always search on the internet for the correct spelling of your tattoo.

  • Avoid drinking :

Alcohol makes your blood thin. If you drink a lot, then you will bleed more during the tattoo procedure. Also, pushing the tattoo becomes more difficult on your skin and as result, the design might get messed up.

  • Research about the shop :

One of the most crucial points before getting your first tattoo. At first research. Visit online sites, check out their testimonials, go check in person about their health standards and their hygiene. Check their ratings, you can even try to call people who wrote those reviews and those who already did tattoos from that shop. Research about the tattoo artist too. Ask him all the questions you have in your mind. He is liable to tell you all your question answers, and if he can’t then you should rethink about that shop. Also, good shops will have a good quality of equipment for making tattoos. For equipment, you should look for Wipe Outz Towels (Sterilized for tattoo safety, lint-free, and very soft! These non-abrasive towels deliver less-irritated skin, better-heeled tattoos, and provide an overall better tattoo experience for both the artist and client), Tattoo OintmentOriginal tat-wax (Cam original tat wax soothing balm, it was designed to help keep your pores from clogging and allow your skin to heal naturally).

  • Always think about Placement of the Tattoo :

Again, I am saying that doing a tattoo for the first time is a really big deal! India is full of conservative people, that’s why you have to prepare yourself mentally for listening to those comments. You may like those comments or you might not. And for the first time, you should choose a place where the tattoo is going to be hidden. Also, if you’re doing a job then ensure to keep a check on your company policies. Some companies and organizations have strict rules regarding tattooing. Also, you can do your tattoo according to your job too.

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  • Be confident and keep yourself mentally prepared :

When you decide to do a tattoo, you should be confident about your decision. Also, make yourself mentally prepared for the pain of doing a tattoo. If your artist is experienced and knows how to do it then it’s not going to feel much pain. Trust me if you mentally prepare yourself then you will not even know when the machine started its job.

The Best and Biggest Tattoo Studio in Kolkata!
  • Wear comfortable clothes:

When you are going to get a tattoo, try to wear comfortable clothes. Like if you are going to get a tattoo on your legs then make sure you don’t wear skinny or skin-tight jeans, if doing it on your shoulder or forearms then don’t wear full sleeves. Also, if you do a big tattoo then wear something comfortable because you have to stay for a long time there.

  • Aftercare:

After doing a tattoo, the crucial point is taking care of it. At BlackHive, we give aftercare much importance. In aftercare when your tattoo is healing don’t use any type of ointment and leftover tattoo wax which is more than 5 years old. The tattoo needs 2 to 3 weeks for healing and meantime don’t touch your tattoos without washing your hands with anti-bacterial soap. Also do not scratch your tattoo when it’s in the healing period. 

  • Enjoy the process:

Come on! It’s your first tattoo, there are some points you should have cared about but don’t need to be fear, enjoy the process, see the ambiance of your tattoo shop, enjoy its music, and most importantly enjoy the masterpiece which is being made by your tattoo artist.

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